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Tranzend Studio Fitness can provide you with a complete Body Composition Analysis or Fitness Assessment, each in just 30 minutes using the latest bioelectrical impedance testing equipment.

Body composition analysis is an  important part of your fitness because it shows how much fat you carry on your body in relation to your lean body mass.  Carrying too much body fat gives a person the risk for many serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. Our  Fitness Assessment will provide you with benchmarks of your fitness level including heart rate, strength and flexibility so you can track your progress.  Appointments are now being accepted, each test requires approximately 30 minutes.

Full Body Composition Analysis - $40
This test will give you analysis of your Weight, Body Fat Levels, Lean Muscle Mass Levels, BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Measurements and provide daily caloric intake requirements.   
Body composition testing only without measurements $30

Fitness Assessment$40

We will administer several tests to determine your overall fitness level.  The results from the tests will provide you with your cardio vascular fitness level, your target heart rate and resting heart rate to determine your optimal training zone and your flexibility and strength levels.     

TRANZEND MY BODY 12- Week  Program $199

The complete personal fitness improvement program.  You will receive a personal goal setting session, the Full Body Composition Analysis and Fitness Assessment at the beginning of the 12-weeks to establish your baseline fitness levels, and a detailed analysis outlining your course of action to achieve your goals. Schedule weigh-ins weekley and measurements monthly to track your progress. Two one-on-one personal training sessions are included throughout the program. At the end of the 12-weeks the Full Body Composition Analysis and Fitness Assessment will be administered again and you will be provided with a detailed analysis of your progress and success through the program.

Both the Body Composition and Fitness assessments, same appointment $75 (allow 1 hour)      schedule yours now or call 928.774.7999.

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